Dog TrainingDog owners are required of taking up a dog training in knowing and handling their dogs better. For the people around, they are likely to appreciate well-mannered dogs. Thus, dog training is an essential requirement for all owners. Even though this training may quite be a daunting task for some, this is still valuable for your dog.

You may also be aware that your dog goes through a series of development. This only means that its training needs also change. There is no such training as one size that fits all. Your dog may have gone through training before. There is a need to take into account the training needs of your dog.

Dog training and its Levels

Prior to the first level of dog training, this is mainly the basic dog training. This is also intended for all beginners such as a grown-up dog or a puppy. This level also includes the rudiments such as making a dog sit.

The other part of the level is more on teaching the dog in socializing with others. This level is intended to puppies and this is a better option for dogs that have never tried taking this before.

Apart from the beginner level, the intermediate level is obviously an advanced training for older dogs. This training is aimed at teaching your dog in walking, heeling, fetching and more. Walking using a leash without even pulling is also included in this training.

The advanced level of training is more concentrated on the hand and verbal commands for staying, fetching, walking to heel and sitting. Teaching your dog about the best way of responding to hand signals is essential. In this level, there is a need to teach it to walk beside you and when it gets in contact with other people. You need to have an obedient and well-behaved dog after reaching this level.

On the other hand, there is a need to be extra careful in opting for the right course for your dog. You will surely be proud of owning a well-adjusted, well-mannered, perfect and obedient dog in the end.

Different Types of Dog Training to Follow for your Dog

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of training techniques introduced to be the greatest and the latest. Through these training types, you are able to enhance and influence the behavior of your dog. You will be more convinced that the manner and behavior of your dog lies on following these dog training types.

The good thing is that there are lots of exercises to choose for your dog. It would be ideal for you to focus more on the best and most effective method. Better to opt for the one that teaches your dog to respond at its best. The training may not be easy as you think it could be. There is a need to have lots of understanding and patience.

Here are the different types of dog training for your to follow:

• Slip Chain Training
• Clicker Training
• Ultrasonic Training
• “Gentle Leader” Training
• Training w/ Reward

Training with reward is believed to be the best type of dog training. You are only required of giving your dog a tasty gift. This should also be combined with a fuss and praise behavior. The dog is more likely to link its action with the gift or reward.

The good thing about this reward is that it works just like an aversion therapy. With this training, your dog is likely to make a good effort. The dog is more focused on doing only good things. Even if there is no reward, it still responds in the best way possible.

As an owner, you need to train your dog even with a reward. You must never yell at it and be more patient. Shower it all of the praises that it needs the most.

Two Tips to Consider on How to Train a Dog

You need to start training your dog right after bringing it home. The training is carried out by yourself or even by a professional. The good thing is that there are dog training classes available. It would be best to ask the local veterinarian to best recommend a trainer for your dog.

• Behavioral Training

The purpose of this training is on correcting any bad habit such as chewing, climbing on the furniture, begging, car chasing and jumping. Take all the time and effort of learning the natural behavior of your dog and communicate with it.

• Obedience Training

Obedience training is more on teaching your dog in obeying specific commands like come, stay, sit and more. The training sessions should be carried out on a frequent basis.

Another tip to consider in training your dog is doing it before meal. This may mean that it will receive a reward right after the training. It will also be more interested in the eating the food treats after the training session.

Dog Tricks Suggested to Dog Owners for their Pets

Among the many dog tricks to follow include the following:

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training– This is more focused on rewarding a dog in performing certain desirable behaviors. However, there is a need to balance this trick in making the training a positive and fun experience.

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training-This is another trick that uses negative reinforcement to a certain degree. This may require a painful correction as part of the training class. Prong collars, pinch collars, shock collars and choke chains are among those painful tricks to follow.

Prong Collar Dog Training Trick– This can be used without inflicting pain to the dog. The prong collar can also be utilized humanely and safely. There is first a need to be more educated about this trick.

Training Dogs That Require Patience and Determination

Training dogs mainly requires patience and determination to succeed in it. Although the training session does not go well, you still need to shower it with a lot of praises. Observe until it has already mastered the tricks you have taught it. You will be remembered for the praise and love you have showered to it throughout the session.